Innokin Zenith II (pre review)

By Marshall Keith

I‘m writing this from Facebook jail. Don’t worry I will be back soon.

Why do I call this a pre review? Because I have been using a beta copy for the last couple of months. I will be getting the full kit soon. Phil and Dimitris know my vaping style. I call myself a tweener. I never could get the hang of taking primer puffs so I forced myself to learn to direct lung. But it still had to be tight enough to give me good throat hit and flavor. The Zenith II checks those boxes perfectly. Actually so did the Zenith pro.

I had long ago gave up on stock coils. Every time I found a tank I liked the industry shifted gears and abandoned the coils I liked so for years I exclusively bought RTA’s and RDA’s. Then the pod craze hit the market. I really wanted something in a smaller form factor that I could grab when I left the house that was strong enough to give me good flavor and yet had enough battery life to get me through the day and I could stealth vape. Sadly most that I tried were under powered with anemic flavor and poor battery life and again coils were abandoned. Having become friends with Phil and Dimitris I was well aware of their product line, so when they came out with the Z-biip I bought one knowing that the coils were used in two tanks and would likely be around for some time to come. I converted more people with that little bugger then any other device with the adept coming in second and because the people I converted were older and didn’t want the hassle of finding coils I became the supplier of the coils. So whenever the Z-coils were on sale I bought a bunch, I found myself with way too many coils on my hands. So when the Zenith Pro came out with the promise of doing both MTL and RDL I bought one.

The Zenith Pro on the right vaped beautiful, I had two minor issues with it. One the 1.0 ohm coil wasn’t quite warm enough for RDL vaping, it was plenty warm enough for warm MTL vaping but not RDL, they quickly rectified that with the release of the 0.3 ohm coil. Second was the beauty ring. Of course the beauty ring was added to remedy one of the two complaints with the original Zenith. One you couldn’t replace the glass(which is why the added the ring.) and they removed the riser from the top so any 510 drip tip will look good on it.. The issue with the beauty ring for me was two problems. As an RTA user I always grabbed the tank by the base to remove the tank from the mod or put it on, Why? Because with RTA’s if you grab it by the top or the glass you usually end up removing the glass from the base and leaking eliquid all over but with the Pro grabbing it by the base you ended up unscrewing the beauty ring. So you just learned not to grab it by the base. Second the beauty ring protruded farther than the AFC making it difficult to adjust the airflow on the mod.

The AFC ring no longer has the typical knurling, it has a different shape with almost a wingnut quality making it easier to grab and turn. Bottom line this is not a new product but a product that has reached maturity. It has been refined based on user feedback.

And to the reviewer taking cheap shots from the cheap seats. Both Phil and Craig proved you wrong, you do not have to remove the drip tip to fill. Do I? Yes, partially out of force of habit I’ve been using the Ares 2 for so long that I pull the drip tip off before I even start. Second because with my aging eyes I find comfort in getting the tip of the bottle in as far as possible. But hey when something works for me I keep using it, above is an older tank I regularly use where you actually have to remove the top cap to fill.

As I said the above pictures are from a beta copy but from the video’s and pictures I have seen the only difference I have seen is in the RDL portion of the airflow. like the Zenith pro the beta version the cyclops (RDL) airflow only opens 3/4 of the way. In the finished product it opens all the way. But the copy I have already goes from tighter then I vape to more open then I vape so I am happy. This tank will satisfy all but the cloud chasers. Will update more when I have the final product.

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