Best Z-coil

Full disclosure I am a moderator on the platform help group page. I joined the group in order to help beginners in their vaping journey. And the innokin platform products are primarily aimed at beginners. I do not work for innokin nor do I get paid for this.

A frequent question in the group is which is the best coil, and some get frustrated when they don’t get an exact answer “this one”. In this post I will try to explain why there isn’t an exact answer.  Before I give my opinion on each coil I have to qualify with my vaping journey and how I got to my style of vaping, then I will give my opinion on each coil and who they may appeal to. This is just my opinion, someone like Phil who has a different vape style will have a different opinion.

Long before I started vaping I tried smoking a pipe to skirt the ever increasing abusive taxes including the hidden abusive MSA tax. Two things in smoking a pipe was a major annoyance to me. One was the constant primer puffs to keep it lit. The second was the fact that you had to carry multiple pipes as condensation would build up and you would get a mouthful of built up condensate,  not a pleasant experience.

There is no direct one to one experience between vaping and smoking. There are trade offs. When you smoke cigarettes other then when you light them there are no primer puffs. It’s puff inhale, puff inhale.  In the early days of vaping most box mods had between a 0.3 to 0.5 second delay. So your choices were puff, puff, puff inhale or learn how to direct lung. I found the first annoying and unacceptable. Even though the delay is all but gone you still have to take a primer puff or two to get a warm and saturated vape with a good throat hit. In the group I’ve frequently called myself a tweener. I still like it tight. I like it between a loose MTL and a medium RDL depending on the flavor. Yes flavor also makes a difference on coil choice. It’s a balancing act between power and airflow to get the best flavor. Power because different flavors come through at different temperatures.  That is why you may get one flavor on the inhale and another on the exhale. If your vaping style is similar to mine you should find this helpful.  On to the coils that I have used or tested.

1.6 ohm round wire. Best suited for a proper (tight) Mouth to Lung. When the airflow is tight after one or two primer puffs you get a great warm puff with great throat hit and flavor. With a loose MTL (mouth to lung) or RDL (restricted direct lung) I find it lacking in temperature and throat hit. If you were a light cigarette smoker it may appeal to you in this mode.

1.2 ohm. Never tested but expect it would be similar to the 1.6.

0.48 and 0.5 ohm plex. These are kind of a cross between a notch coil and a mesh coil, they have a faster ramp up then round wire and more vapor production. This coil gives you a very warm “proper” MTL and a fairly warm loose MTL- tight RDL and would suit people who like loose MTL users. I like this one with lighter flavors like fruit flavors. Because of the fast ramp up I don’t like them where the predominant flavors are dark, like coffees.

0.8 ohm my personal favorite with dark flavors in loose MTL/ tight RDL at lower wattage it has a long enough ramp up for the dark notes to come through. At the higher watt range it’s good for the other flavors.

1.0 ohm this coil produces a warm loose MTL through medium RDL and works well with darker flavors.

0.3 ohm plex. Like the earlier plex it has a super fast ramp up, didn’t like it when all of the flavor notes were dark like coffee with caramel, but one of my none all day vapes is a caramel apple by five pawns. The caramel was slightly muted for a break in of about a quarter of a tank, but the juice never tasted better. The apple was crisp and sharp with enough caramel to complement it. Also it lasted about three days longer then the 1.0 ohm. This coil is strictly a RDL coil in my opinion. It is way too warm for even a loose MTL.

This is my opinion on all the z-coils and why no one can tell you (x) is the best coil.

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