Vaping and the get off my lawn syndrome

Those who know me know I fought long and hard against the smoking ban and am now involved in the fight to protect vapers rights. When I want to check out new hardware one of my primary go to sources is Phil Busardo at Taste your Juice with complete breakdowns and actual measurements (satisfies the geek/engineer in me). Vaping has fractured into two groups, ex-smokers (who used e-cigarettes as a tool to quit) and the cloud chasers who look like steam engines on steroids.  Many in the first group look down their noses at the second group.  I am not going to link to the comment as this is not an attack on the man but an attempt to show those in the first group the wrong headedness of those thoughts.

Also it’s not all the high wattage and subtank systems that are driving smokers away. Our government has done a great job of scaring smokers away from vaping. And number 2, the ridiculous face we have put on vaping has done nearly as much damage to the industry as government has. End of story. . . . . Marshall Keith You just agreed with what I said, at least the first part anyway. Also if you don’t think a bunch of young kids running around covered head to toe with bad tattoo’s, massive clouds of vapor pouring out of them is not massively damaging to the industry then your wrong

Do I think some of today’s kids look ridiculous with all their piercings and massive tattoos? Absolutely, much as the generation before mine thought the same about my generation (Bell bottoms flowered shirts etc etc etc) or the greasers and their “thug look” in the generation before mine.  I could not find a video of the type of kids he refers to but in my time working in a vape shop I’ve met some of them and they are good kids, but here is a video of some of the youth and their vape style.

Do I encourage kids to do this?  Hell no.  But I am a realist.  Government regulations encourage this.  Just like drinking among youth during prohibition and drug and tobacco use went up in mine, kids rebel against the establishment and it’s rules.  The harder government attacks vaping, the more attractive it will be to today’s youth.  What I see above is kids having fun, does vaping pose some risk? Probably, but far less then tobacco,alcohol or even drugs.


So are these kids the face of vaping or are the face that those who would use government force in yet another attempt at social engineering, for me, I See it as an indication as to how diverse the vaping community is. If you allow them to splinter us into warring factions, they win.  It is time to fight for freedom to be the default position, not the exception.



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