Truth Justice and the American Way?

The leftist media including the leftist at politifact miss the mark yet again!

Does it matter what the source?  Nixon a champion of progressives was run out on a rail based on an anonymous source named after a porno movie. “Deep Throat”  Remember that Nixon was drummed out of office for covering up a break in that he had no knowledge of at the time, he found out about it after the fact and covered up for his so called allies.  He deleted less then 20 minutes of tape and covered for his friends as opposed to 30K plus emails, and the left wing media pounced on it with a feeding frenzy with out looking into the source.  Jump ahead about 50 years and they now commit ad hominem and attack the source without looking into the facts.  Politifact’s headlines read:

Hillary Clinton blames high-up Russians for WikiLeaks releases

Our ruling

Clinton said, “We have 17 intelligence agencies, civilian and military, who have all concluded that these espionage attacks, these cyberattacks, come from the highest levels of the Kremlin, and they are designed to influence our election.”

We don’t know how many separate investigations into the attacks they were. But the Director of National Intelligence, which speaks for the country’s 17 federal intelligence agencies, released a joint statement saying the intelligence community at large is confident that Russia is behind recent hacks into political organizations’ emails. The statement sourced the attacks to the highest levels of the Russian government and said they are designed to interfere with the current election.

We rate Clinton’s statement True.

While it may be true that the Russians were behind the so called leaks, but given the fact that the intelligence agencies are under the control of the democrat party and Barack Obama we may never know the truth.  The real question is why has not the leftist media ruled on the leaks themselves.  The leaks show massive corruption on the part of the Clinton’s and the democrat party.  Instead of an ad hominem attack on the source, should they not look into the allegations themselves and rule on those facts?  Or does the left wing media only look into the facts when it suits their agenda?  I along with most honest American’s want to know if that which was leaked by Wikileaks was true, we don’t care where the leak came from, but we do care if the allegations are true, for if they are they show a threat to our country that far exceeds that of a foreign country (even Russia) that is a greater threat to our country and our freedom.  She would be the leader of our country and not an outside influence leaking the truth.  So come on “Politifact”  Check the facts, are the allegations made by  Wikileaks true or not?  Your lack of reporting one that speaks volumes.  Far louder then the claims made by Wikileaks,  Remember it was those same agencies that claimed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.  You have lost all credibility when you bash those agencies in that instance and deny it in another.  So man up and give us the real facts!




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