When Fascism Comes to America

Many have called President Obama a Socialist, they are wrong. He is a Fascist, before anyone invokes Godwin’s law look at the facts. The left loves to claim that Fascism is a right wing philosophy but it is in fact socialism with the illusion of ownership. But that is what ownership in America has become, an Illusion every aspect of the use of your land or business has been regulated to the point that ownership itself is a mere illusion.

Where socialism sought totalitarian control of a society’s economic processes through direct state operation of the means of production, fascism sought that control indirectly, through domination of nominally private owners. Where socialism nationalized property explicitly, fascism did so implicitly, by requiring owners to use their property in the “national interest”—that is, as the autocratic authority conceived it. (Nevertheless, a few industries were operated by the state.) Where socialism abolished all market relations outright, fascism left the appearance of market relations while planning all economic activities. Where socialism abolished money and prices, fascism controlled the monetary system and set all prices and wages politically. In doing all this, fascism denatured the marketplace. Entrepreneurship was abolished. State ministries, rather than consumers, determined what was produced and under what conditions.

This is not new for the progressive movement it follows the same path of its Progressive predecessors who believed that they could force society to live their utopian dream by banning products such as Alcohol and smoking. We had Prohibition and Tobacco Bans early in the first progressive movements. They failed because they were overly intrusive all at once. On Smoking I can’t do any better then Dave Hitt did at his “Hittman Chronicles“. On Prohibition we see it every day with the tightning of DWI laws to the point that if you even use a mouthwash you are probably in violation. With the extreme takeover of the healthcare industry (1/6th of the economy) we can only expect this to accelerate.

I don’t think when Mitchell said those words but even the ACLU see’s the implication on freedom.

But it’s not only there that this Fascistic regime is attempting to control you life. Obama couldn’t get Cap and Trade passed so he used a regulatory agency the EPA to drive up costs for regular energy in order to force his “green initiative” Of course this will have a devastating effect on working class people making them even more dependent on the government which of course is the goal. But since its inception the EPA and the regulatory climate has been the enemy of freedom and free enterprise as shown by John Stossel’s illegal everything. Yes it’s a long video but it shows that people are thrown in jail not because they harmed someone but because they violated the protected interest of the political elite It also shows that people are stripped of the use of their property based on the whims of the government and they depend on the ability to out spend you and it was money extorted from you.

This was all exposed by Ronald Reagan fifty years ago.

Yes, Yes he did not mention Fascism but he put it bluntly here.

Why would a Marxist like Obama chose Fascism over Communism, well the answer is simple and Thomas Sowell puts it bluntly.

What President Obama has been pushing for, and moving toward, is more insidious: government control of the economy, while leaving ownership in private hands. That way, politicians get to call the shots but, when their bright ideas lead to disaster, they can always blame those who own businesses in the private sector.

We may have passed “A Time for Choosing” but the transition is not yet complete. We can take back America and restore the individual rights that we deserve.


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2 Responses to When Fascism Comes to America

  1. Jan says:

    Good commentary. But not to be nit-picking, I’ve found several spelling and grammatical errors in the piece. Although I’m not a grammar and spelling n a z i, it is till somewhat irritating to read an article where the writer has not edited, or had someone proof-read the piece. Otherwise, on point!

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