Common Core Equals Indoctrination

Vicki McKenna had Karen Schroeder founder of “Advocates for Academic Freedom” on her show today and confirms what many of us suspected, common core is indoctrination.

You can listen to the show here while you read an article done by Karen Schroeder. For years liberals have been pushing that we are a Democracy and that the constitution should reflect the will of a simple majority. Since many of us have pushed back stating that we are in fact a Constitutional Republic. Knowing this they are redefining republic. From her article.

According to experts in English and math, the skills as presented in the Common Core curricula are “soft.” Requirements for a math program for students in third grade are now delayed until fourth grade. Another lowering of academic standards! Experts want more time to focus on encouraging American students to exchange their Constitution and national sovereignty for a submissive role in a world community

To create a more compassionate population, the IBO document explains that world citizenship needs to begin early through development of an understanding of the nature and value of one’s own culture. The result has been a NEW understanding of American culture through a rewriting of history — one that belittles or denies those values that encourage Americans to achieve their dreams. Bloom’s goal of developing a “world view” is being aggressively implemented through CCSS and IB to prepare students for social and political change determined by federal goals.

Those who see school choice as an escape from these ideologies are often misled. Bob Jones University Press, a main resource for educational materials used in Christian and home school settings, prepares text books and tests that incorporate CCSS.

Parents from across the United States send Advocates for Academic Freedomexamples of lessons imposed upon their children that undermine American values and traditions. American Pageant by Kennedy and Cohen is used in a Catholic school. The text does identify America as a republic, but it provides a definition for republic and republicanism that actually describes collectivism.


This Indoctrination must stop and the true meaning of our republic restored.

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