I Am Alpha, No Blame, No Excuses, No Apologies

The following op-ed is not for the weak or the PC crowd. The leftist would paint any conservative/libertarian male as a knuckle dragging alpha male who is racist,homophobic who treat women as second class citizens who should be kept barefoot and pregnant.  Nothing could be further from the truth and I should know, I am one.

For starters certain jobs require alpha males or females to be effective and that includes mine. My job as a broadcast engineer is such a job.  I have on numerous occasions told owners and GM’s alike to pick up a tool or get out of the way.  I had on GM threaten to fire me for insubordination to which I responded that I would rather be fired for insubordination then  incompetence as his orders would not only have put my FCC licence but the stations licence on the line. Now an effective GM also has to be an alpha and you would think that the alpha in power would be the final word.  I explained why I refused and we not only became friends but worked together at other stations with no animosity. You see owning your decisions is part of an alpha’s trait. many careers require alpha’s to be effective e.g. police,fire,CEO.  But how does a leftist define an alpha male, well for that you would have to go to the urban dictionary.

The alpha male is an act that is performed by males usually in their teens and twenties who act tough, are loud, and have to be the center of attention or they feel insecure.

Of course like history leftist embark in what I would call creative revisionism.  They of course they base their assumptions on the behavior of the apes of which they claim to be descendants of. A more accurate description of an alpha would be a person who is secure in ones self and secure enough to make a decision, own that decision and have the courage to be wrong.  Now a beta male would be an alpha in the making but has not quite had enough experience or confidence to be an alpha.  On the opposite end of the spectrum are the omega’s they are the class of people who perceive themselves as victims and by virtue of their self perception becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Most people fall in between those two extremes and contain elements of both.

Of course there are strong black alpha males like Herman Cain and Thomas Sowell who have been called Oreo’s, Uncle Tom’s and worse and yet they have the strength and conviction to stand on principle,  Thomas even talks about how this omega “victim class” mentality is being promoted.

And here are black TEA party members who reject that victim class mentality.

The leadership styles of the last two Presidents also clearly demonstrate the differences between the alpha and the omega, Bush being the alpha and Obama being the omega.  Bush walked in inheriting a bad economy, he walked into office at the beginning of the dot com bubble yet he did not blame the previous administration for the economic conditions.  He went to war with Iraq on the belief that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, even his predecessor Bill Clinton said so.  Yet he didn’t blame the intelligence agencies and he didn’t blame his predecessor, he owned his decisions including the mistakes.

But here is further proof.

Now here is classic victim mentality.

We see even more of this victim mentality in the Benghazi incident.

Last to be a true alpha you have to be secure in yourself, a true alpha is not threatened by an alpha female, an alpha wants an equal, a partner. We are proud of our alpha females as they hold the same qualities as us beta males.  They are secure in themselves, they hold none of the “victim class” mentality much to the disdain to those who promote the victim class beliefs.

Now the leftist will dismiss the words of Bill Maher as the words of a comedian yet every leftist news talk show has him on.

And here is a Leftist Milwaukee talk show host John “Sly” Sylvester  from WTDY talking about Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor.

And of those pro woman Unions chanting “Vicki is a cunt” at alpha female Vicki Mckenna shows they only are civil to women who play the role of victim.

So yes I am alpha and if we want to continue to have a free country we need more people with more alpha blood and less omega.


About Marshall Keith

Broadcast Engineer Scuba Diver Photographer Fisherman Hunter Libertarian
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