TEA Party Big Tobacco Front?

I have written on this topic before but the censorship that is taking place at the Huffington Post leads me to bring it up again.  Executive Director, DeSmogBlog.com has chosen to censure my posts on his blogpost Study Confirms Tea Party Was Created by Big Tobacco and Billionaire Koch Brothers.  Here is the exchange that prompted this post.

11:12 PM on 02/19/2013

The Right Wing Agenda
is a class war against humanity.

12:02 PM on 02/20/2013

Nice spin if you can get away with it. It is not the TEA Party that is engaged in class warfare, it is in fact the leftist. The TEA party represents individual rights vs collective rights. Individual responsibility not collective.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTZmyZ8jtw0 . . . . .

18 hours ago ( 3:11 PM)

That is just plain ignorant. So you seem to be defending the collective rights of Corporations. I know,,, I know. It’s a waste of time responding to these fools. Marshall Keith is just a willing pawn in their game….

In spite of repeated attempts to respond to Peter James Gustafson all were dismissed.  The argument I made is there is a difference between free enterprise and corporatism.  Both parties are guilty of passing regulations that favor their corporate sponsors the green agenda is a favorite project of the left Solyndra is a classic example.  Both parties are responsible for the regulatory climate that makes starting a small business almost impossible.  Under today’s regulatory climate Edison would not invented the light bulb  Tesla would not have not invented the AC generator and most assuredly the Wright brothers would not have invented the airplane from their backyard bicycle shop. The vast majority of the regulations favor existing corporations from small upstarts as John Stossel points out in illegal everything.
I admit to voting mostly Republican in the last few elections.  I supported both Scott Walker and Ron Johnson but it did not stop me from blogging against both of them when they did not hold to the principles of “free enterprise”  Here is the piece I did on Scott Walker and here is the one I did on Ron Johnson so I carry the water for no one and I am no one’s pawn.
It is time for Americans to ignore the rhetoric of both parties and hold both of them to the principles that made America great.

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Broadcast Engineer Scuba Diver Photographer Fisherman Hunter Libertarian
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