Fascism Comes to Amerika

In a recent exchange with a leftist who holds up Thom Hartmann as a fair talk show host I did a youtube search and came across with the following.

This is not the first time that the left has called those on the right Fascists or Nazi’s.  I can come up with a million of them, here is yet another example.

Of course they both cite FDR’s vice president, which is an oversimplification of fascism.  I will not argue whether or not Romney is a fascist but ask the question is he more so then Obama with his backroom deals with Big Pharma or the insurance companies to get Obamacare passed.

This is from WIKI on Fascism.

A through protectionist and interventionist economic policies.[19] It promotes the use and primacy of regulated private enterprise and private property contingent upon service to the nation, but where private enterprise and private property are failing, inefficient, or unable to fulfill fascist goals, it supports the use of state enterprise and state property in those circumstances.[19] At the same time, fascists are hostile to financial capital, plutocracy, and “the power of money”

So I would say that thanks to both parties we have indeed become a fascist nation as opposed to a laissez-faire capitalist society as envisioned by the founding fathers. Again from WIKI

is an economic environment in which transactions between private parties are free from tariffs, government subsidies, and enforced monopolies, with only enough government regulations sufficient to protect property rights against theft and aggression. The phrase laissez-faire is French and literally means “let [them] do”, but it broadly implies “let it be”, or “leave it alone.” A laissez-faire state and completely free market has never existed, though the degree of government regulation varies considerably

This fact has become more appearent to me this week as I saw a good friends business destroyed by a mere stroke of the pen by President Obama. Was this regulation voted on based on its merits, of course not like most of these regulations it was buried in a 500+ page bill giving the representatives the illusion of cover. It was but one paragraph buried in the Transportation Bill HR 4348.  For the most part it went unreported in the press.

This from the Washington post.

Nobody mentioned tobacco last week when the U.S. Senate adopted an amendment to the $109 billion federal highway bill.
But tucked into the 5,600-word amendment to provide aid for rural schools was a single paragraph that would settle a two-year-old fight between Big Tobacco and a small Ohio company that builds a do-it-yourself machine that allows smokers to get their cigarettes a lot cheaper.

The amendment would reclassify tobacco shops that offer the machines as “tobacco manufacturers,” imposing on them new regulations and higher taxes, and it opens a window into the ways of Washington, where the powerful and the connected can sometimes win even before the opposition knows the game is underway. . . .
Officials with the tobacco companies, and allies who include some public health advocates, counter that they’ve been trying to crack down on ultra cheap and unregulated cigarettes, which they contend skirt tax and health laws. . . .

Despite the decline in the popularity of smoking, tobacco companies remain prolific campaign donors and aggressive lobbyists on Capitol Hill. The Altria Group, which used to be Philip Morris, spent $11 million on lobbying last year.
Individuals and political action committees associated with the company have since 2007 given $30,000 to Baucus and his PAC, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
A spokesman for Altria, the nation’s largest cigarette maker, and the president of Liggett Vector Brands, the fourth-largest company, confirmed that they have been lobbying for congressional action on the roll-it-yourself machines, and say they have a compelling case to make.

But it was not just “Big Tobacco” and “Big Pharma” that beat up on these mom and pop shops. The National Association of Convenience Stores was also an active participant.

WASHINGTON – The Washington Post last week analyzed the $109 billion federal highway bill, pointing out that the amendment includes language that would reclassify tobacco shops that offer roll-your-own (RYO) machines as “tobacco manufacturers.”
The reclassification would thus impose new regulations and higher taxes on the stores, a move that NACS supports, as the RYO storefronts have affected roughly 62% of one-store operators.
The Post, however, painted a different picture, framing the issue as one of Big Tobacco against the little guy. “This is catastrophic,” said Phil Accordino, whose small company builds RYO machines in Girard, Ohio.
NACS, along with tobacco companies and some members of Congress, maintain that the bill is aimed at cracking down on unregulated cigarettes. “Roll-your-own cigarette machines take advantage of an unintended tax loophole, and that isn’t right, so this offset closes it,” said U.S. Sen. Max Baucus.
The RYO issue is a central one for NACS; it is taking the issue to Congress for NACS Day on Capitol Hill, which takes place today and tomorrow in Washington, D.C.

Of course the spin does not represent the facts.  They are not unregulated nor are they untaxed. And it does nothing to close the so called loophole.  I spent several days last week who on his best day had 21 cartons rolled in his machine. This was an exceptional day as his customers were rolling several cartons in anticipation of the shutdown.

Here in Wisconsin the tax on the products are 70% of the wholesale price and that does not include the sales tax on tax.

The loophole that they claim to close remains open.  You see the progressives in their zeal to create yet another “Socialist” program SCHIP raised the cigarette taxes and raised the roll your own cigarette tobacco a wopping 2200%. Nope not a typo 2200%.

Roll Your Own tobacco sales have had a slow but steady increase over the last decade as cigarette taxes at the Federal, State & Local levels have increased dramatically. The 111th Congress however wants to curtail that trend by increasing the Excise Taxes on all tobacco products to fund not only a renewal, but an Expansion of the 11 year old SCHIP program. Under HR.2, passed by the Congress and signed by President Obama, the FET on Roll Your Own tobacco WILL increase from $1.0696 per pound to $24.78 per pound, a whopping 2,159% Increase!
Cigarette taxes will also see an increase from $0.39 to $1.01 per pack, an increase of 158%. cigars, pipe tobacco and smokeless tobacco products are also set to increase 158%. We strongly feel that in this time of economic turmoil, Congress should have scaled back their expansion plans and to maintain the current SCHIP program at the current tobacco tax rates. Increasing an already highly regressive tax on a low income minority by nearly 2,200% is not only outrageous, but strikes me as a criminal act! Please visit the SCHIP page for information on the history of the SCHIP legislation which is now set to become law on April 1st. I’ve added a page with an SCHIP Tobacco Tax Table that shows the current Federal Excise Taxes on tobacco products as well as the rates from the 2007 SCHIP bill (which was vetoed by Bush) and the new rates under Public Law No: 111-3.
You may think that those of us who Roll Our Own cigarettes were somehow scamming the system because we pay lower taxes for a given number of cigarettes, but what about those who home-brew beer & wine, are they next?

The amendment to the Transportation Bill did nothing to eliminate the cheaper taxes imposed on Pipe Tobacco which was used in these machines. It also ignores the fact that if SCHIP were so popular everyone would be glad to pay increase in taxes, instead the political class used a excessive punitive tax to punish those who engage in an activity that they don’t approve of.  Is that the role of government in what is suppose to be a free society? Is this everyone paying their fair share? I would call our present state of government socialist fascism. They have not taken direct control of the means of production but they have effective control through regulation and taxation.

This is not limited to the Roll your own shops,

Feds shut down Amish farm for selling fresh milk

State taking farmer to court over raw milk sales

EPA imposes Obama’s cap and trade regs- energy prices ‘skyrocket’

The EPA has even tried to circumvent property rights.

Supreme Court: Property Owners Can Challenge EPA

And of course there is the historic takeover of one sixth of our economy which also included backroom deals with “Big Pharma”

Obamacare’s backroom deal

So yes indeed people we have become a fascist nation and no one paid attention. Even the modern day Gestapo aka Homeland Security is sending out warnings about people like us.

By the Department of Homeland Security’s standards, anyone who just celebrated the Fourth of July can be capable of terrorism. A new study by the DHS states that “those who are reverent of individual liberty” may promote terrorism.

WND.com reports:

The study and related data were recently produced by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, or START, at the University of Maryland. START was launched with a $12 million grant from DHS and is recognized by the organization as one of its “Centers for Excellence.” In December, DHS announced it was renewing START’s funding with another $3.6 million.

To those uneducated fascism and socialism are both part of the extreme left.


What is Fascism?

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