Smoking Ban Kills Business of 31 years.

In Michigan the health Nannies pushing for the ever increasing “Nanny State” spread their propaganda, still claiming no economic harm.

A statewide poll commissioned by the American Cancer Society shows support has increased eight points to 74 percent since a similar poll was conducted in March 2009.Conducted by EPIC-MRA, the poll of 600 likely or registered voters was taken between May 9 and May 11. It had a margin of error of plus or minus four percentage points.

Of course everyone knows how a poll can be skewed simply by the wording.

While the freedom fighters over at Protect Private Property Rights in Michigan (P.P.P.R.M.) issued this press release.

For Immediate Release:

PPPRM invites American Cancer Society/Campaign for Smokefree Air director Judy Stewart to pub’s last night in business

Bloomfield Hills, Mich.-The PPPRM has invited American Cancer Society and Campaign for Smokefree Air director Judy Stewart to join Royal Oak residents in saying goodbye to Four Green Fields Irish Pub on Saturday night.

In an email PPPRM executive director Steve Mace issued the following:

To: Judy Stewart, Director of State Government Relations-American Cancer Society/Managing Director, Campaign for Smokefree Air
From: Steve Mace, Executive Director, Protect Private Property Rights in Michigan

May 19th, 2011

Dear Ms. Stewart,

On behalf of our members, I would like to extend an invitation to you and your associates to come ‘raise a glass’ to the owner and workers of Four Green Fields Irish Pub in Royal Oak on Saturday May 21st, 2011.

We will be celebrating Four Green Field’s 31 years of contributions to the Royal Oak Community. Contributions that will be ending at 2am that night. We will be there to say ‘goodbye’ and thank-you for 31 years of business in Royal Oak. As well as to offer our most sincere well wishes to the workers in their pursuit of other employment.

Since the proprietor has specifically cited the private property tobacco use ban as a major factor for the closing of his establishment; we felt this may provide you an opportunity to offer some clarity to the owner and his soon to be unemployed workers on how the ban did not actually affect his business whatsoever. This opportunity may even offer clarity to hundreds of other small business owners and workers, across the state, whom claim their businesses and incomes are suffering due to the law you lobbied, speak and organizationally claim victory for.

We felt this would be a sound opportunity for you to refute, in person, the claims that the law is harming small businesses; as you do via the media.

While we are uncertain of any official time table of events for that evening; might we suggest coming to enjoy the evening entertainment and enjoy the musicians whom will no longer have Four Green Fields as a venue in which to perform — and if time permits you, attending the ‘final last call’; which is planned for 1:30am.

Of course the Nannies frequently put out fluff pieces talking about how wonderful the ban is and how everyone is eager to comply.

The smoke has cleared on Michigan’s year-old ban on lighting up in places where food and drink are served, and those who work in some of the Plymouth area’s bars and restaurants aren’t seeing a lot of down side.

“It hasn’t affected us at all,” said Sam Khashan, owner (with brother Kevin) of Sean O’Callaghan’s pub in downtown Plymouth. “I think more people are happy.”

“I don’t think it’s had much of an impact,” said Kevin Montagano, owner of the Rock Bar and Grill, across Penniman from O’Callaghan’s. Montagano added that he hasn’t given much thought to the law since it took effect in May 2010.

Khashan said the ban requires more effort from his staff, which provides outdoor receptacles for cigarette butts, tries to keep the sidewalks free of litter and monitors O’Callaghan’s interior for scofflaw smokers. But he hasn’t seen the backlash from smokers that he expected, he said.


“I expected a lot more complaints, a lot of trouble policing it,” he said, “and we don’t encounter that.”

But as we all know there is fluff, and then there is reality!

DETROIT — According to a survey conducted by the Michigan Department of Community Health, Michigan’s smoking ban did not keep people from smoking in bars.

In its first year, the statewide smoking ban at restaurants and bars was violated nearly 1,500 times, the MDCH survey said.

Two establishments were ordered to shut down until they met regulations.

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