Ohio High Court will Review Smoking Ban Constitutionality

COLUMBUS – The Supreme Court of Ohio today agreed to become the first state supreme court in the nation to determine whether a statewide smoking ban violates bar owners’ property rights. The Court also agreed to review whether the Ohio Department of Health has consistently exceeded its authority in fining business owners under the ban. This is a case of national significance so DONATIONS TO HELP THE FIGHT WOULD BE APPRECIATED GO TO THIS PAGE AND CLICK ON DONATE.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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One Response to Ohio High Court will Review Smoking Ban Constitutionality

  1. CoachMcQuirk says:

    Maybe the fraud with anti-smoking groups collecting signatures that I’ve supposedly heard occur prior to the 2006 statewide ballot vote can finally be exposed, and that ban be thrown out once and for all. At least I can dream, and if Ohio doesn’t come to their senses, maybe others will eventually(namely Michigan, Pennsylvania, and the few counties in West Virginia that’ve unnecessarily banned smoking in bars, thanks to county Boards of Health that regulate smoking in each WV county via WV state law).

    It’d be great to see one state finally repeal(or even partially repeal) a smoking ban for once. Will be an interesting race to see if Illinois, Ohio, or even another smoking ban state out of the blue beats Illinois or Ohio to the punch. LOL!

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