Kansas Smoking Ban Booklet – Sheila Martin

Sheila Martin has put together a very informative brochure about the smoking ban.

Secondhand Smoke
Smoking Bans
Is The Debate Really Over?
“Law-abiding business ownershave a right to operate their establishments free from thetyranny of government officialswho overstep their authorityand trample personal propertyrights, all while in pursuit of the extraction of fees.”
– 1851Center for Constitutional LawDirector, Maurice Thompson”
The Surgeon General’s office takesthe award for disseminating widelythroughout the media the blatant liethat even brief exposure tosecondhand smoke can causecardiovascular disease and that inhaling even the smallest amount of tobacco smoke causes cancer.”
– Dr.Michael Siegel

You can Read or download the entire booklet here.


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