Teaching or Indoctrination?

Last December Comrade Doyle showed his true colors when signing AB172< a> of course it is of little surprise since he has repeatedly pushed his collectivist agenda including stopping the attorney general for suing for individual rights on the health care bill.

Once again Wisconsin leads the way in progressive labor legislation,” commented Steve Cupery, president of the Wisconsin Labor History Society. “As far as we can tell, Wisconsin is the first state to have enacted such a law. We expect others will follow our example.”

The question is exactly what is going to be taught. Are they going to teach the history of the communist influence of the labor movement? Are they going to teach that it was the greed of the unions that caused the auto manufactures to collapse and fellow collectivist Obama to bail them out?

But high current costs are only part of the problem. So-called “legacy costs” leave Detroit paying an enormous sum of money for mistakes made in the past. In 2004, GM, Ford, and Chrysler employed approximately 370,000 people in their U.S. automotive operations but supported more than 800,000 retirees with expensive pension and health care packages negotiated through collective bargaining.[7] From 1993 to 2007, General Motors alone spent an average of $7 billion per year to fund legacy pensions and retiree health care.[8] These legacy costs create a catch-22 for automakers: Not only are they nearly impossible to trim outside of bankruptcy, but as firms downsize existing operations, they become a proportionately larger burden on the company.

Are they going to teach the money spent on non labor related political activism while expecting the taxpayers to pick up the tab for their benefits?

A Democratic senator is introducing legislation for a bailout of troubled union pension funds. If passed, the bill could put another $165 billion in liabilities on the shoulders of American taxpayers.

The bill, which would put the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation behind struggling pensions for union workers, is being introduced by Senator Bob Casey, (D-Pa.), who says it will save jobs and help people.

So exactly what are our children going to be taught? Individualism and the individual rights guaranteed by our Constitution?, Are they going to be taught facts? Or are they going to be indoctrinated into the wonderful world of Collectivism/socialism/fascism/communism?

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