MSNBC spin baby spin!

I have been watching both Fox and MSNoBodyCares. I watched Glen Beck spend almost an hour calling on the opponents of the power grab of the leftist to keep it nonviolent. Gretta, O’Riley and Hannity all condemned any call for violence. The no body cares network spun this for three hours of spin trying to tie the violence to the tea parties. They brought on democrat after democrat trying to paint the Republicans as hate mongers and the tea bag members as violent. Rachael Madow even made a veil comparison to Timothy McVay. Sunday when the votes were taking place video cameras were all over the place and yet they could not find even one video of tea party members using racial slurs, not one video of tea party members spitting on Congressmen or using homophobic slurs, NOT ONE. As a matter of fact in April we will have had a year of nonviolent protests with no arrests. Oh yes I forgot, there was some violence.

And of course those nasty racist conservatives defending him.

Now on the other hand, look at the history of their side. Where was the Moral outrage and the call from the Democrats at the Violence at the 2008 RNC convention, how many windows were broken during that protest how many arrests were there? This was only the beginning.

a group of protesters stood in front of approximately 30 to 40 delegates from Connecticut in an attempt to prevent them from entering the convention. Paramedics had to treat 83-year-old member of the delegation for breathing problems when his credentials were ripped from his neck by a protester.[52] Additionally, a black bloc smashed windows of downtown businesses, smashed windows and slashed the tires several police cars, lit one police car on fire, and used a garbage dumpster as a battering ram against another.[52] About 12 protesters were arrested.

Where were the calls from the liberal press for their followers to tone it down.

If I saw any race baiting over the last year it has been from the left wing media.

Even manufactured gun toting white wing gun toasting racist. Talk about playing the race card.

Sorry NoBodyCares, I have been to my share of tea parties and have seen none of what you claim. As a matter of fact I have found many a Libertarian like myself, if you don’t understand us libertarians, we closely resemble the Democratic party before it was hijacked by the progressive movement. Given all the broken windows and arrests during liberal protest,and the total lack of them at the tea party protests it makes one ponder. Are these so called threats real or manufactured to try to smear legitimate protesters. How about just a little journalistic integrity??? so who is doing the race baiting the conservitives or you??? Hmmmmm

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