It’s time for a Constitutional Convention

As a baby boomer I remember the days when every job had medical insurance. My first job in high school was as a car hop at a drive in called Porkies and I had free medical insurance. What changed?? Could it be that the other Progressive/Socialist programs like Medicare and Medicaid were underfunded and caps were put on each procedure increasing the cost to paying customers??? This health care boondoggle is no different. It creates yet another entitlement program. Increases the Medicaid roles by 15 million Raises taxes massively, leaves the mandate underfunded and passes the bill to the states!

Health care a right by a simple up or down vote?????

All rights in this country have been established by Constitutional amendment not by parliamentary tricks and reconciliation. The states do not have to wait for the courts to rule on the the mandates imposed by the Federal Government. It is time to restore power to the states and the people through a Constitutional Convention.

Two-thirds of the state legislatures may apply to Congress for a constitutional convention to consider amendments, which are then sent to the states for approval.

The Progressive/socialist/communist have woken a sleeping giant ”the people”.One hundred years ago the bulk of the power belonged to the states. Many have called us libertarians crazy for calling for the repeal of the drug laws even though many of us do not use drugs. (What most people don’t know is that almost every ban was enacted by the Progressives and were racially motivated.) We understand the principles that our country was founded on and what rights were reserved to the states and the people. Prior to the emergence of the progressive movement it took a constitutional amendment to ban anything as proven by prohibition. Of course they slowly stripped the rights of the states away. Through prohibition they created the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms, even though they created the environment where criminal activity would thrive by banning the use of a product that people wanted. Around the same time the Progressives wanted to ban tobacco and in the early 1900s many states had bans of one form or another. They banned automatic weapons because of the gang activity and drive by shootings.caused by the ban on alcohol. (Sound familiar) Did they modify the Constitution and the second amendment? NO The Progressives created the FDA and its roll was advisory and required labeling telling what products contained. And food inspection (at which they failed miserably) about one percent of our food is inspected. Food poisoning is very common.

Prevalance of Food poisoning: Although most foodborne infections are undiagnosed and unreported, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that every year about 76 million people in the United States become ill from pathogens in food. Of these, up to 5,000 die.

Slowly they stripped the rights from the states and banned drugs without a Constitutional amendment they stripped the states of their powers and gave those powers to the FDA which was not created by constitutional amendment. Then they created the DEA to enforce these laws. They created an environment where gang and criminal activity would flourish.and the weapon of choice for the criminals they created were assault rifles, did they amend the Constitution to do this??? NO! Through simple majority they have mandated bans that have cost the states billions in enforcement and cost thousands of lives. They claim that a woman has the right to rip a life from her body because it is her body and that the government has no right to tell her to do with her body and yet they claim the right to tell her what she can ingest or smoke. (Personally I don’t believe in abortion but as a libertarian unless you infringing on the rights of others the government does not have the right to ban it.) They have mandated that states enact laws or face the threat of loss of money even though the money belonged to the people. They have mandated states spend money that is bankrupting states like Medicaid. Can’t pass Crap on Trade, use another corrupt agency created by the Progressives, The EPA!

EPA has a long history of scientific malpractice. Both the General Accounting Office and the Congressional Research Service have been severely critical of EPA’s policies and procedures on a variety of issues. EPA has violated its own risk assessment guidelines and debased scientific standards regarding secondhand smoke. It was found guilty of violating six federal statutes for using harassment and intimidation to try to compel employee support for its policy on secondhand smoke.

Of course this corruption goes on to this very day.

WASHINGTON — Hundreds of Environmental Protection Agency scientists say they have been pressured by superiors to skew their findings, according to a survey released Wednesday by an advocacy group.

The Union of Concerned Scientists said more than half of the nearly 1,600 EPA staff scientists who responded online to a detailed questionnaire reported they had experienced incidents of political interference in their work.

Of course they always tax a minority to pass their big bills. They increased the tax on cigarette tobacco 2400% to pay for their SCHIP program. It is high time that the people take back the rights granted to them by the constitution. It is time for the states amend the Constitution and enforce the tenth amendment, The power has to be returned to the states and the people by requiring any mandate or so called right be passed by constitutional amendment. It would pull the teeth right out of the Progressive movement. It would put the power back in the states and the peoples hands. The Progressives may live in more populated states but remember there are far more red states then blue.

Sick of the federal government creating mandates and passing the bill to the states and bankrupting them. Sick of over taxation driving jobs overseas. With confidence in CONgress at epic lows, and reports that 38 states are considering taking it to the Supreme Court,(conveniently the amount needed for an amendment) take back state rights, amend the Constitution!!!

P.S. Ayn Rand predicted all of this all 50 years ago.
1959 interview with Ayn Rand

Milton Friedman on redistribution of wealth.


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