There is increasing evidence that global warming is man made. Not by CO2 emissions but by the hot air produced by our progressive/socialist president. The president has now proposed off shore drilling and nuclear power plants, Of course these will be tied to his crap on trade bill. Once added and the bill still fails he will say see they are obstructionists and the party of no. The health bill is over 2000 pages long that covers a wide variety of issues.

I propose something much better then a line item veto that would add massive accountability, eliminate earmarks, and probably reduce spending. I think that it is high time for a constitutional amendment that limits the house and senate to only introduce single issue bills and the only amendments to the bills have to be directly related to those bills. The bills can’t be broad issue bills like health care reform but specific issues like eliminating pre-existing conditions and a separate bill calling for allowing for insurance purchases across state lines.

This would make the representatives more accountable by making everyone aware of those responsible for bad policy, it could no longer be buried in 2000 page bills that no rep has read or understands, the only reason that they vote for these bills is that they got what they wanted out of the bill and don’t understand or don’t care about the repercussions of the rest of the bill.

Both the president and the republican rebuttal called for common sense legislation, and the elimination of earmarks, as an avid Libertarian/Tea bagger, neither party represents me but enacting this policy is common sense at its basic level. It would hold the congressmen accountable for bad policy instead of hiding their agenda and bad policy in popular bills. It also allow people like me know exactly where they stand, they could no longer hide behind 2000 page bills, after all the most important legislation in the history of our republic was the has been the Constitution and it covers only a few pages and took 200 years to write, not 200 days to write and over 2000 pages.



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