Smoke Free Wisconsin=Big Pharma=Astroturf

Over the past few months Smoke Free Wisconsin has been campaigning to restore taxpayer funding to Tobacco Control. Over the last few weeks I have been showing their ties to Big Pharma! I showed their ties to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) . I also showed their ties to Pfizer. I even exposed their lies on the tax increase and the e-cigarette.

Much has been said about Astroturf as of late and in April I exposed Smoke Free Wisconsin’s Astroturf claiming to be Taverns Clearing the Air, in August I exposed how Tobacco Control claimed that group such as ours were astroturf. What I did not do is make the connection that the astroturf organization “Taverns Clearing the Air” had to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). According to RWJF they helped produce the educational brochure. But I would call it astroturf not educational but here is the actual brochure right off of RWJF’s site. I will let you decide.

Again should dishonest organizations such as this get one single dime of taxpayers money. I think it is time we look into how much money Big Pharma has contributed to politicians. Who will help?


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3 Responses to Smoke Free Wisconsin=Big Pharma=Astroturf

  1. Anon says:

    To be honest, pharma doesn’t really give much of a fuck about your smoking.

    They actually profit from ill people, as those – of course – increase the demand for their products – medication. So unless you are a crackpot enough to believe that regularly bowling a substantial amount of toxins and mutagens into your lungs actually benefits your health, (I have to apologize at this point, as I didn’t read quite enough of your materials here as to ascertain whether this is the case. ) the pharma really is not much of the suspect here. After all, they are only motivated by their dividends – pressured to that by the stockholders and the fricking market. Don’t worry, these beast are easily sustainable without the additional few thousands cases cancers a year they get to treat thanks to your tobacco. After all they are already getting some 1000-fold more profit with zero medical effectivity gain from ever-new cancer drugs.

    The pharma is actually so stable, that it is probably the only fucking industry capable of surviving the apocalypse – and something so puny like a pandemic is rather just an enormous business opportunity than a threat.

    The ones who could really gain from any ban on tobacco are the insurance companies, which traditionally pay for all the aforementioned shit – weren’t it for the fact that these have been quiet efficiently dodging liability requests all the while and that they let smoking patients pay more in insurances in the first place, are they given the chance… As such, they don’t give much of a fuck either.

    Now, then; who is left?
    Obviously, certain manufacturers, who don’t want to get their overpriced, high-in-demand main product banned – be it even ever such marginal a ban; as the said product is their best-earning investment. These people are also quite rich, as it is, and don’t mind sharing a margin of this with all sorts of party-men for a few favors in return – a practice known as lobbying.

    I trust that you can guess what this last fraction is, can’t you?

    So, to sum it up: The only one give a fuck is the one who has really enough to lose or enough to win to constitute the necessity of dealing with this shit – and in process of doing so – wasting money and time on it:
    – the affected citizens (interest: health) and
    – the tobacco industry (interest: profit).

    Now, I cannot be sure who or what *you* actually are – whether you are just some poor misled chap or some corporate whore pretending to be one (as such occurrences are not *that* uncommon).

    But I hope for the former – hope to have possibly provided you some insight – hope that you will not dismiss this whole thing without even reading it whole.


  2. Marshall says:

    My such an angry little troll. I am an individual that has been fighting against the Nanny state for quite some time. I did my own research and am not some corporate shill as you suggest. I suggest you do a little research of your own and lay off of the Kool aid.

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