Mercury Marine a Progressive success story!

“There has been a significant amount of speculation regarding the state’s incentive package for Mercury Marine. While the Department of Commerce does not release details regarding on-going negotiations with companies, because doing so would likely put Wisconsin at a competitive disadvantage with other states, I believe that it is important to share certain details because any advantage to another state is greatly outweighed by the benefit to Wisconsin in helping provide information that could lead to a different result should another union vote occur before this Sunday.

DUH!!! We have been at a competitive disadvantage for years high taxes and low wages are a progressives dream. They don’t believe in creating wealth they believe in spreading misery equally. The excessive taxes has driven good paying jobs away for years.

Not only has she lost population, but Wisconsin has also lost money. Every month in every community sees someone who has a little money pack up and leave the state. This has been going on for years. Money has drained out all that time.

From 2001 to 2006, folks fleeing the seven counties of southeastern Wisconsin took with them $1.3 billion more in personal income than households moving into the area. Where did they go? To other states and to the lower-tax, lower-crime areas of Wisconsin.3

What neighborhood or family doesn’t know a half score of acquaintances who have packed up, scraped together their assets and headed to sunnier or more wealth-friendly climes? Maricopa County, Ariz.; Lee County, Fla.; Denver County, Colo.; and Clark County, Nev., teem with expatriate Badgers and their cash.

A September 2008 study from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Government found that Wisconsin has one of the five worst migration patterns in the country: While people with money are moving out, we are a magnet for the poor.4

In states like New Jersey, the Princeton study found, “poor people leave, but rich people do not.” Wisconsin is the anti-Jersey: Wisconsin, it found, “is more attractive to low-income individuals than high-income earners.” . . . .

Wisconsin’s per capita income has fallen from 98% of the national average at the beginning of the decade to under 94% at the end of last year – a drop of $5,000 a year for a family of four. Yet our neighbors – who share the scourge of our climate – continue to grow comparatively rich. Our per capita income ($34,476) lags behind both Minnesota ($38,751) and Illinois ($38,297).5

We lag behind the nation and our own region both in creating jobs and opening new businesses. In 2006, the number of businesses nationally grew by 2.5%, while here the number of new private-sector businesses dropped 0.4%.6 By the end of 2007, the state had 2,487 fewer private businesses than it had in 2006.7 And so it goes. Last year, Wisconsin was one of just 20 states where local venture capital funds raised no money at all.8


Wisconsin isn’t just losing dollars; she is also losing brains. According to the UW Board of Regents, Wisconsin ranks dead last in attracting college graduates into the state;9 meanwhile, half of our new migrants from other states were high school dropouts. While the proportion of college graduates in the nation’s population has actually risen 1.8% in the last five years, the percentage of our population holding at least a bachelor’s degree (24.6%) dropped 0.3 percentage points. Wisconsin is now last in the region, behind Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois.

This from the same governor who recently signed a $186 million business tax hike, driving long term employers like Harley Davidson and Briggs & Stratton out of Wisconsin and also braggs about being the fifth highest cigarette tax on the poor. Of course he wants to keep them poor to maintain control!

Way to go progressives, I prefer the free market.


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