Who’s your nanny, the government if the antis get their way!

Signs of the nanny state gone wild.

A COUNCIL has become the first in Wales to impose a blanket ban on smokers adopting or fostering children.

Anti-smoking campaigners last night welcomed the move by Merthyr Tydfil council, but critics have pointed out there are already not enough foster parents in Wales.

They fear the changes might discourage potential carers from coming forward and could jeopardise the future of children already in the care of smokers.

Ah but you say this is the United States not Wales, it can’t happen here. That is where you are dead wrong.

A heartbroken couple has been told they cannot adopt a child because he smokes, even though he says he never smokes indoors. Indeed, the prohibition stands until he quits smoking for six months and provides medical documentation that he is no longer a smoker.

“This is just the latest step in a growing movement to protect the most vulnerable and most defenseless victims of tobacco smoke pollution,”
says public interest lawyer John Banzhaf, Executive Director of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH).

As a matter of fact, says Banzhaf, even years ago, when the dangers of smoking around children was far less well appreciated, ten percent of social workers specializing in adoption turned down potential parents because one or both smoked.

For similar reasons judges in more than half our states — and a few in foreign countries — have recognized that smoking around a child can be not only dangerous but deadly, and have ruled that smoking around a child can be grounds for losing custody.

Here is a scary warning from the past.

“The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.” -Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler, Publ. Houghton Miflin, 1943, Page 403

Of course government sanctioned discrimination does not end there, Smokers are now denied government housing.

The Housing Authority of Murray recently adopted a policy that will ban residents from smoking inside their apartments.

Faye Dodd, the agency’s executive director, said they had considered making the units non-smoking for a few months partly because the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development has been encouraging housing authorities to adopt non-smoking policies. She said 112 housing authorities across the country are currently smoke-free.

So now we not only have to subsidise children that we can’t have (SCHIP) but housing that we can’t live in.

In California they even Deny little kids from having lemonade stands.

Eight-year-old Daniela Earnest has made lemonade out of lemons in more ways than one this week.

Hoping to raise money for a family trip to Disneyland, the Tulare girl opened a lemonade stand Monday. But because Daniela didn’t have a business license, the city of Tulare shut it down the same day.</blockquote

Of course with Obamacare on the horizon we can expect more of the same. Here is a glib picture of our future as painted by the ACLU.


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