Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

Michael J. Mcfadden does a very good review of Christopher Snowdon’s book Velvet Glove, Iron Fist.

While not as strongly focused on Antismokers’ psychological language tricks and dubious scientific deceptions underlying smoking bans as my own Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains, Chris Snowdon does not neglect these areas

and on the contrary has done an excellent job of showing how they form an integral part of the history. His approach embodies a strong neutrality that will win him friends and enemies on both sides of the issue, but I believe that overall, that neutrality only serves to underscore the damning facts that will eventually bring judgment against what historian Jeremy Richards has called “America’s Second Great Prohibition Experiment.”

Part of the reason that I bring upChristopher Snowdon and his book is he did an interview with David Goerlitz the former Winston man who exposed the fact that the cigarette companies did in fact target kids with their advertising. Like Dr Michael Siegel he is dissillusuoned with tobacco control and can no longer remain silent about the zellotry and corruption of the tobacco control movement. Here is an exerpt from an email he sent to Ryan.

Four or five months ago, I decided to sever ties with the anti-tobacco movement and made the decision to “come out”, but had to have my ducks in a row. I am ready to expose with what ever Army I have to back me up the inner workings, the politics. the corruption, and
moronic bans, legislation and FDA bill that is nothing short of of being racist, protectionist,cynical, hypocritical, and misguided.
Just to remind you, this has been a long time coming and I know I’m ready to take My fight and Your fight to the streets. If you are serious about bringing this issue to a head, I’m your man. Whatever you heard about me when I was the keynote speaker in Madison in Nov. of 2008, I only talked about my experiences and never came off as a zealot. I just wanted yo to know that. Check me out, and if I can help, give a call and I’ll answer any and all questions you need answered.

My Youtube interviews with Chris Snowdon came out a couple of weeks ago as well as the scathing accusations of one of our biggest hoaxes ever perpotrated on the public.

David B. Goerlitz,
Former Winston Man

Exclusive interview with long-standing anti-smoking spokesman David Goerlitz. Read about it at Spiked and listen to the whole extraordinary interview here.


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