Left coast loons and Justice Sotomayor

Ryan a fellow Ban the Ban Wisconsin member and co founder shook quite a few coconuts loose on his blog today. What I find so humorous is the comment section, Ryan is repeatedly called a racist, told to join the Skinheads, one person even said “you are a KKK just like Bush for he is the anti-christ and you are one of his disciples” Now if you read his post the whole point he made was that if you were against Sotomayor’s appointment that you would be accused of all of those things. Not one person gave a legitimate reason as to why she should be appointed The first comment from futiledemocracy dedicated an entire blog entry on the subject. The problem with his blog entry was the same as all the comments. Not one legitimate reason for her to be appointed, just conservative bashing. Now here are the facts. The role of the courts are to enforce the law, the role of the appellate courts and the supreme courts are to make sure that the laws are Constitutional and that the constitution has been followed, anything more is activism and beyond the scope of the courts. Here she is in her own words.

Now as Ryan put it.
She has blatantly proven support for the race quota system (reverse discrimination) per her opinion on the New Haven fire department test case (Ricci v. DeStefano), she supports the Kelo decison (Kelo v. City of New London) which is one of the worst decisons on emminant domain the court has ever ruled on.

She has also ruled against second amendment rights. In this case we are not even talking about guns. We are talking about a common weapon that is used in the martial arts nunchaku commonly called nun-chucks. Now this person was not carrying them in public he was not brandishing them and he has no criminal record. Simple possession is considered a crime in New York.

Now these are good enough reason on their own to question her qualifications to those who believe in liberty and the constitution. How long can these so called “Progressives” claim the high ground with there venomous hate and Bush bashing. Bush is gone and wasn’t exactly the poster boy for the Constitution or liberty, the Patriot act is proof of that. Is Obama the new Bush?


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7 Responses to Left coast loons and Justice Sotomayor

  1. Oh you must be one of those conservatives i’ve read about. Thanks for advertising my blog though.

  2. Ryan says:

    It really is just that cut and dried, isn’t it? No matter how the Obama zombies try and spin this, she is simply not a good choice due to her judicial activism and lack of a good record for constitutional interpretation.

  3. Marshall says:


    No problem, your hateful posts makes you a poster child for the progressive/socialist cause. I prefer logic and facts, but your posts make for good humor, have you considered becoming a comedian? Conservative? I guess that depends on your definition. I believe in less government and more individual rights. That includes repealing the ban on drugs and prostitution. Is that conservative enough for you?

  4. Marshall says:

    Yes Ryan it is that simple. What surprised me was right in your blog entry you predicted all of the hateful comments and they did not disappoint.

  5. Ryan says:

    They rarely do 🙂

    What is also somewhat shocking is the lack of information that they present. Along with the mindless attacks are the claims of being such a novel thing to nominate a hispanic… However, they forget about Benjamin Nathan Cardozo, a hispanic justice nominated by Hoover in 1932 and confirmed to the Supreme Court thereafter. Oh yeah, and he was not only hispanic, but a jew as well. Gasp! and nominated by a Republican president… double gasp!

    Yet, people are blind to history in the face of the great Obama. Apparently history is being made, but only because history is being selectively forgotten.

  6. Ryan says:

    One other thing, and this is something I have been pondering regarding futile democracy’s comment…

    What is with these liberal/progressive fruitcakes and their hardwired in idea that if you’re not one of them then you’re clearly a conservative or republican. This binary thinking is comical at best, but irritating non-the-less since I get very tired of telling people I’m not Republican or conservative or a fan of Bush.

  7. Marshall says:

    LOL Yes Ryan I have been annoyed by the accusation myself. They must think that the mere accusation is enough to discredit you. When I posted on his blog I clearly stated that I was a Libertarian not once but twice and I think that I was quite clear with my last statement in this blog entry that because of the “Patriot Act” that Bush was not a big proponent of liberty or the constitution. I guess they don’t know how to catigorize free thinkers who don’t drink the Kool-aid served by either party. After all if you don’t drink from the Kool-aid from the “progressive” pool you must be a member of the Bush cult.

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