Doyle and promises

“I will present a balanced budget – one that is balanced the old-fashioned way, with real numbers, not with tricks or gimmicks,” Doyle said. “No inflated revenue estimates – and no tax increase.” “I have said time and again that we are not in this fiscal mess because taxes are too low, or because the taxpayers have not done their fair share. I mean it,” Doyle said. “I will not raise taxes.”

We know he didn’t keep his promise on the taxes. Property taxes are climbing at an alarming rate and he more than doubled the cigarette tax. When you take into account that we already are the 15th highest taxed state in the nation per capita.

On November 20th of 2008, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle settled into his seat at a packed Capitol press conference he called to deliver the bad news. Due to the slumping economy, Governor Doyle told the press, Wisconsin faced a $5.4 billion shortfall over the next two fiscal years. In outlining his plan to fix the imbalance, Governor Doyle forcefully stated:

“We have to balance the budget. We are not the federal government. When we are in difficult financial circumstances, we can’t just say, ‘well, that’s alright, let’s just spend more money here, or let’s spend more money there.’ We don’t have that option.”

Yet an analysis of state budgeting practices over the past decade shows something much different. In setting the budget for the past several biennia, governors and legislators of both parties have employed several strategies that have allowed the state to spend more money than it takes in. When faced with balancing the budget or spending more taxpayer money, the Governor and Legislature virtually always side with spending as much as possible, leaving future government officials to address any shortfalls.

Wisconsin’s general fund revenues are derived from several sources. The lion’s share of general fund revenues comes from taxes. The major tax sources are individual income taxes (52% of state general fund tax collections in fiscal year 2008), sales taxes (about 34%), and corporate income taxes (about 6%). Various other taxes such as cigarette taxes, other excise taxes (e.g., alcohol taxes), public utility taxes and insurance company taxes also contribute to tax revenues.

Now if you spend more than you take in can you vote and tell your boss that you voted yourself a pay raise because you over spent on non-essentials. Of course not. Essentials to the government are infrastructure,schools,police,fire,etc. Not lobby groups and not discretionary spending such as tobacco control. Tobacco Prevention and Control Program funding has been restored to its current level of $15.25 million per year. Yes
it is only $15.25 million. But if every one of these non-essential programs was eliminated would there even be a deficit?

It is also not time to implement draconian laws that are known to hurt businesses. In rural communities taverns collectively are one of the largest employers in the state. Make no mistake smoking bans hurt business. This has been proven time and time again. That is why states such as Nevada, Ohio and Minnesota have bills pending exempting bars. Remember if you hurt a business you hurt the tax base. It is getting to the point there is no way to tax his way out. So we shall see on Monday if Comrade Doyle caves in to the lobby groups and Big Pharma, the groups he is beholding to. Or does what is good for the state.


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2 Responses to Doyle and promises

  1. Pissybitch says:

    I rwmemer you when you were one of the hard core republicans, anti abortion, anti-drug. Now you are pulling this bullshit. What are you running for governer?

  2. Marshall says:


    By the way long time no see. During my fight against the smoking ban I had the chance to rub elbows with some libertarians and what they said made a lot of sense. I may not believe in using dope or abortion but in a free society I do not have the right to force my views on everyone else. You are right I do not think that drugs are a good thing, but I grew up durring the hippie era when everyone experimented. Most people grow out of it. Look at all of the people that are in jail because of these draconian laws. When they get out they are stripped of all their rights because they have been convicted of a felony. It costs us massive amounts to try to enforce these laws. The drug business profits are higher then many major companies but do they pay taxes? When was the last time that you heard of a drug dealer reporting their income? Like I said the smoking ban woke me up to a lot of facts. The government should not be able to dictate lifestyle choices. For one thing it does not work. Look at all the drive by shootings and gang violence, it is very reminiscent of the prohibition days. Yet the government ignores the fact that they created the problem and then use the problem that they created to strip us of even more gun rights. Do you think that the guns that the dealers use went through a background check? The government creates the problem and then uses the problem to exert even more control over the people.

    I still believe that abortion is murder. I also accept that there are many that do not hold those beliefs. If you look closely the libertarian party is neither for or against abortion. They are against government funding of abortion since that amounts to forcing the public to fund a moral issue that they do not approve of. The liberals/socialist/progressives work hard to strip religion from the public arena and therefore morals. Yes the constitution guarantees freedom of religion. The liberals take that to mean freedom from religion and try to force their morals or lack there of on the rest of us.

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