I was on a fellow bloggers site the other day when in the comment section he was called a fascist because he held laissez-faire beliefs.

You are a raging psychopath. And the way you describe yourself is clearly a republican. You believe the biggest kid on the playground should be able to kick the crap out of anyone they want with no interference from the teacher. Laizzes faire economics is most closely related politically to facism. Which by definition means pure top down control, which is how corporations operate. You are a facist.

So I found a few videos to try to educate people as to what form of government we have and the differences compaired to other forms of governments.

First we do not live in a democracy, as much as the liberal/progressive movement would like to push that ideal because it would simply take a majority to strip you of your rights and give more power to the mob or big government.

Next socialism/fascism


BTW Jesse here is your civics lesson  Wake up, don’t sleep through this one.


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Broadcast Engineer Scuba Diver Photographer Fisherman Hunter Libertarian
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