Looking for someone to purge from the GOP? Forget Meghan McCain. Rather, let’s give the boot to Nanny-Stater Texas Rep. Myra Crownover

Found a blog that hit the nail square on the head.

Talk all over the Rightosphere that Specter wasn’t enough. We gotta clean house. Make the GOP a conservative party, and get rid of any remaining liberals, and even a few squishy moderates, as well.

Meghan McCain seems to have a big target on her back. A great many hardline conservatives are asserting that she needs to be the next to go. She has no voting record like Specter’s who languished in the low 40s for ACU. But she’s been making comments on CNN’s Larry King, MSNBC and other liberal media outlets critical of her fellow Republicans for not wanting to reach out to younger voters. Further, she asserts that the GOP needs to be “more cool” and be more about individual choice and personal freedoms.

Sounds like a plan to me. And yet, there are some Republicans left in the party who want to go against that grain; turn the into the Nanny-State Party, regulator of personal lifestyles, and other personal matters.

. . . . . .
Smoking bans are an absolute lithmus test issue for libertarians and should be for all Republicans. Other lithmus test issues:

1. 55 mph speed limit
2. federally mandated seat belt laws
3. bans on transfats
4. bans on off-road recreational vehicles
5. federally mandated 21-year old drinking age
6. bans on liquor stores in neighborhoods
7. censorship of free speech rights of libertarian and conservative students on gov. subsidized college campuses


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