Right wing conspiracy?

Conspiracy? Not hardly, do a googal for arrests during the tea parties all over the nation and you will only find one. This was hard working citizens protesting the abuse of government officials I have to thank PheistyBlog for bringing it to my attention.

Oh really? Here is Republican Congressman Barrett being booed off the stage at the rally in South Carolina. So much for it being a right wing sponsered event. thanks again Pheisty.

It goes to show that both parties have betrayed the people. Nothing changes when the other party takes over they just swap underwear. Both parties are for big government and big spending and constant stripping of the values of the founding fathers. From the patriot act on the right to a national health database and socialistic programs on the left.

Here is more coverage of the liberal media on the Tea Parties.

Listen to the lady talking to the reporter, all I can say is Amen.  This is what the tea parties were about.  Not a right wing consperacy, not a front group for Fox news, just hard working Americans. fighting the tyranny of big government reguardless of what party is in power.  We were promised change we could believe in.  If these were right wing extreamist where was all the crime associated with the liberal protests?  This was mainstream honest Americans protesting not extreamist from either side!


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