Tax cuts for the great middle class?

Before I get into the tax increases around the country, remember these increases are for your own good. And the tea party that we all took part in is a right wing conspiracy!

This would be humorous if it were not an out and out lie. All over the country tax increases are being imposed on lifestyle choices and the infamous carbon tax is in the works.

Listen to Jason Lewis on taxes and the tea parties.

New York is implementing a fat tax. (remember this is for your own good)

State Health Commissioner Richard Daines has become the point man for one of the more controversial of Gov. David Paterson’s revenue-generating budget proposals: The so-called “fat tax” – an 18 percent levy on sugary drinks like non-diet soda.

Daines, a Spitzer administration holdover who generally keeps a fairly low profile, has recorded a YouTube manifesto in defense of the tax, which the administration insists is really more about health care policy than making money off soda-drinking New Yorkers.

In Minnesota it’s cigarettes, booze, music downloads, etc etc etc. (remember this is for your own good)

Tax on a pack of cigarettes would go up 54 cents. A glass of beer would cost three pennies more; a shot of liquor, an extra nickel. The best-paid Minnesotans would find themselves in a new, higher income tax bracket.
House Democrats revealed their blueprint for raising $1.5 billion in new taxes Monday, targeting the wealthy, vices and a smattering of everything else, from music downloads to used boats to the current mortgage interest deduction.

Not to mention the biggest federal cigarette tax increase in history. (for the children but yet again for your own good.)

Smokers are gasping at higher cigarette and cigar prices as the largest federal tobacco tax increase in history takes effect.

“Oh my gosh,” Bernardo Torres said Tuesday when a clerk at a CVS Pharmacy in Falls Church, Va., told him the new price, which went up in anticipation of the tax increase. Torres wanted to buy his aunt two cartons of cigarette-size cigars, but he walked away empty-handed after hearing the new price: $134. The tax on little cigars went from 4 cents to $1.01 a pack.

And of course there is the infamous carbon tax. They fail to acknowledge that any of these types of tax are past on to the consumer raising the cost of everything.

During his three-hour appearance on CNBC today, Warren Buffett, the world’s most famous investor, described the cap-and-trade plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions which President Barack Obama included in its recent budget proposal as a “pretty regressive” tax.

A study done at Stanford called Who Pays for a Carbon Tax? done by.
Corbett A. Grainger
Charles D. Kolstad

Obama Administration. Most proposed policies rely on a national cap and trade program for limiting and reducing carbon emissions. Like a carbon tax, a cap and trade program for greenhouse gas emissions has the effect of inducing a price on carbon; this means that for the first time in the U.S. a price will be placed on each ton of CO2 emitted. That price per unit of carbon emitted will ultimately be paid by consumers, shareholders, and workers.

Of course here in Wisconsin Comrade Doyle added a dollar a pack tax on cigarettes and this year he is attempting to add another seventy five cents. Of course that does not include the sales tax on a product that is mostly tax to begin with.

Page 77
This bill increases the cigarette tax from $1.77 to $2.52 a pack and increases the tobacco products tax from 50 percent to 71 percent of the manufacturer’s established list price.
In addition, the bill increases the tobacco products tax rate on moist snuff from $1.31 per ounce to $1.87 per ounce and imposes the increase on moist snuff in inventory.

The list is endless. The government is systematically stripping freedom telling us what to eat, drink and smoke. They put twenty dollars in your left pocket and take two hundred out of your back.

So yes Nancy the tea parties where all about the rich complaining about taxes. It had nothing to do with the loss of freedom or the theft of our money, (for our own good) and the liberals/socialist/progressives are looking out for the little guy. And all of the Democrats are really Santa’s elves, or is that Keebler, oh wait you would have to tax that.

Here is the tea party anthem!


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