Tea party? Cigarette tax, does it work?

The tobacco control activists and the progressive/socialist who they have in their pockets claim that the goal of the cigarette tax is to get people to quit. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact that the S-CHIP program is being funded with it is proof that that is not the intentended for that purpose. Would you fund a long term socialist program with taxes you intend to go away. The fact is they have ample proof that the taxes do not cause people to quit.

The authors conclude that while in the past, cigarette price increases were associated with significant declines in smoking prevalence, that may not be true anymore: “Our findings, which are based on analyses of nationally representative data collected before and after the 1998 MSA, suggest a dramatic decline in the effect of cigarette pack prices on smoking participation in both lower and higher-income individuals. These findings, in turn, suggest that cigarette excise taxation may have become an ineffectual public health tobacco-control policy in the post-MSA era.”

In a letter to the editor published in the American Journal of Public Health in 2008 entitled “Tobacco taxes and cigarette consumption in low income populations,” David Ahrens of the Population Health Institute, University of Wisconsin, Madison argues that tobacco control groups should re-think their automatic support for increased cigarette taxes because the evidence shows that the primary effect of these taxes for the overwhelming majority of low-income cigarette smokers will be further impoverishment, rather than smoking cessation.

This is no longer an attempt to get people to quit, (not the role of government in a free society) It is simply an attempt to pick the pockets of the poor and the working class.

Show your displeasure contact your Senators.

On the federal level.

Contact your senator and show your disapproval.

Russ Feingold

Herb Kohl
They both voted for S-CHIP.
I have not been able to find how our Representatives in the house voted.

On the state level the governor slipped in yet another tax increase in the budget, contact your state reps.



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