Right wing extremist? Tea party?

In a very cheap attempt to minimalize and marginalize the tea parties the socialist/progressives released a report warning of right wing extremist. Where were the riots so common with progressive protests? Where were all the broken windows? The arrests? This was a nation wide protest and yet there were very few arrests.

(WXYZ) – A Tea Party protestor who expressed her activism out in the middle of a busy road ended up being arrested.

Doing both a google search and a yahoo search this was the only arrest that could be found.

A much smaller protest on the progressive/socialist side yields many more arrests!

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Percussion grenades, tear gas and nearly 400 arrests marked the final anti-war march during the Republican National Convention. More than 800 arrests were reported during a week of sometimes peaceful, sometimes violent dissent.

Damn those right wing extremist.


About Marshall Keith

Broadcast Engineer Scuba Diver Photographer Fisherman Hunter Libertarian
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