Tobacco Control a dismal failure!

As we have seen in Canada the entire Tobacco Control movement is a dismal failure. With tax increases and bans they promised to eradicate tobacco by 2010. What they fail to realize especially in the youth is the tendency to rebel against overbearing government intrusion. Nowhere is that more evident then in Scotland.

The number of young people smoking in Scotland has risen sharply, despite the ban in pubs. Nearly a third of 16 to 24 year-olds are smokers, an official health report showed. The percentage – 31 per cent – is a substantial rise on the number of young smokers in 2004, which stood at 25 per cent. The smoking ban was imposed in March 2006. Public health minister Shona Robison said: “We are committed to doing all we can to reducing smoking rates in Scotland – both by encouraging more smokers to quit and discouraging young people from starting in the first place. “Significant progress has been made in recent years to shift cultural attitudes to smoking, but this report clearly demonstrates that firm action needs to continue if we are to succeed in our desire to make Scotland smoke-free.”

Some people fail to learn from history. Bans just don’t work and do nothing but alienate a segment of society.

History of tobacco in chronological order

In 1900 cigarette sales were illegal in 14 states. In upholding a prohibition on sales in Tennessee, the Supreme Court commented in a 6-3 decision that cigarettes are a “noxious” product, and “a belief in their deleterious effects, particularly among young people, has become very general.” Earlier the Tennessee Supreme Court said that cigarettes “possess no virtue but are inherently bad and bad only.”

Los Angeles Times, December 26, 1999

By 1909, 17 states had adopted prohibitions on the sale of tobacco. However, these
were overturned during World War I with the tremendous popularity of tobacco with the
United States military forces.
Cancer Wars, p. 295

It is the same today Overall, 260 (64 percent) of the Marines and sailors surveyed used some form of tobacco. Of those, 213 (52 percent) smoked cigarettes, 145 (36 percent) used smokeless tobacco (dip, chew), and 98 (24 percent) used both.

“The right of each person to breathe fresh and pure air – air uncontaminated by
unhealthful or disagreeable odors and fumes is a constitutional right, and cannot be
taken away.”
New York Times, November 10, 1911

“The time will come when cigarette smoking will be condemned by public sentiment
and prohibited by law just as the use of opium is today.”
Lucy Page Gaston, Founder, Anti-Cigarette League of America, 1911

Lucy Page Gaston in 1899 founded the Anti-Cigarette League with the goal of “Abolition of the Cigarette in America.” She campaigned tirelessly until her death in 1924. Cigarette consumption in the United States had increased fifty-fold between 1899 and 1924.

Tobacco Advertising, p. 205.

Even with these bans from 1910 to 1919, cigarette production increased more than six-fold, from 11 billion to 70 billion per year. So as you can see just like prohibition, when you ban something consumption goes up, it is simple human nature, even their catchphrase “the right to breath smoke free air” is nothing new


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6 Responses to Tobacco Control a dismal failure!

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  2. Psy says:

    That article quoted is incorrect (i live in France… no i am not a socialist, i am a Libertarian). There was no ban on smoking in public places in France. There *was* an attempt on a ban in restaurants… which failed… miserably. Many restaurants and bars outright publicly refuse to obey the new law.

    One thing about the French is that they’re a lot more likely to start shit and protest than Americans are (in general). American society has become too complacent.

  3. Marshall says:

    Do you have any links showing this? I would like to post them.

  4. Psy says:


    It’s happened elsewhere, but i’d have to search some more. The French are feisty about their rights. It’s basically civil disobedience.

  5. Psy says:

    It’s happened in Ireland too:

    (sadly the pub closed)

    The smoking ban was/is very unpopular there. Another case of a moralistic minority trying to enforce their will on everybody for the “greater good”.

  6. Psy says:

    The problem is the EU. In the same way the federal government tramples on state’s rights, the EU tramples on it’s member country’s rights… again, for the percieved “greater good”. I fear the US is headed in a similar direction if things don’t turn around.

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