While the $700 billion Wall Street bail out package was too expensive and too wasteful, a $700 billion Wall Street bail out package PLUS an extra $100 billion in tax breaks was just the right amount.

The House of Representatives and Senate failed in astonishing fashion to hold the fiscal line by overwhelmingly passing the largest government-funded take over in history. Instead of letting the market self-correct, the government created an artificial bottom at a cost of $700 billion to taxpayers all with the promise that the money might be repaid in the future.

More appalling is that while the measure was successfully defeated the first time through the House, it passed on its second trip around while costing over $100 billion MORE THAN THE FIRST TIME!!

If our elected officials were so offended by the $700 billion, how did $800 billion manage to look even better? Earmarks, of course!


About Marshall Keith

Broadcast Engineer Scuba Diver Photographer Fisherman Hunter Libertarian
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