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I was perusing Smoke Free Wisconsin’s blog to get some ideas for an article.  Of course I ran across a section that made me laugh.

Has our blog become like the bi-weekly conference calls we hold to update our partners, where SFW does a lot of talking and other partners do a lot of listening?

Absolutely. A normal blog including ours allows dissenting views, defends their views and does not censor those they don’t agree with.

* We think what we’re doing with our blog is pretty revolutionary in the tobacco control world – could it be that most of our readers who work in tobacco control are timid about jumping in?

Don’t know whether the lack of comments on your blogs is a matter of censorship or a lack of readers but come and check out our blog feel free to join in, trust me this is a public forum we won’t accuse you of being Tobacco control spies.

# Are half of our readers Big Tobacco spies?

* Seriously Big Tobacco, we know you’re watching…

Well we are not part of Big Tobacco, no matter how hard you try to paint us with that brush. We are just a group of people who believe in property rights and the freedom of choice! But seriously spies? Isn’t a blog a public forum, how is reading a blog spying?

But I had to respond to Ami’s last post It’s Time!

number of smoke-free states has increased to 25. This number is triple the number of smoke-free states that existed just three years ago. Additionally, the number of states with no restrictions at all has decreased from 16 to 8. With Iowa recently becoming smoke-free and Michigan on its way, Wisconsin is the last holdout in the Midwest! In just a few years, Wisconsin has fallen behind other states across the nation in reducing health problems caused by secondhand smoke.

I would hardly call freedom of choice and upholding property rights falling behind. I mean seriously Ami since you are a student at UW-Madison majoring in Political Science and Legal Studies I suggest you take a course on the constitution with emphasis on the 14th and 5th amendment. Since your studies are in Polli Sci maybe you can answer the question.

What form of government declares private property public use and bans the use of a legal product?

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