Glantz attacks movies again!

The self proclaimed tobacco expert now claims that there was some sort of covert conspiracy between Hollywood and the tobacco companies. There was nothing sinister about it. Tobacco advertising was legal until 1969. Hiring celebrities to sell your product is a time honored tradition in advertising and is used to this day. Does anyone believe that Sally Fields is not getting paid for her ads for Boniva? Or how about Bob Dole and his Viagra commercials? Stanton Glantz tries to paint anyone who received a dime from tobacco companies as evil. Is any of the money that he has received from Big Pharma to spend on his crusades any more legitimate?

Sept. 24, 2008 — What did the Hollywood studio head say to the cigarette? Stick with me, baby, and I’ll make you a star.

That seems to have been the sentiment behind deals cut from 1951 and earlier with movie moguls, stars, and the big tobacco companies of the day.

Researchers have unearthed contracts between big tobacco companies and Hollywood movie studios and stars who endorsed certain brands of cigarettes.

The research was led by the University of California-San Francisco’s Stanton Glantz, PhD. Glantz is director of the university’s Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education.

In a news release, Glantz says, “We’re told smoking is part of Hollywood’s history and a necessary artistic device.”

However, he adds the findings put to rest the idea that smoking on film solely showed what U.S. culture was doing at the time.

“Our work further strengthens the case for getting smoking out of youth-rated films by rating new smoking movies ‘R.'”


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  1. viaxlafex says:

    Personally I like this, but I don’t know if my friend here next to me agrees with me. 😦

    But props for writing this. Horny goat weed
    Horny goat weed

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