Are the health Nazi’s running scared?

In a recent article by Reich Marshal Stanton Glantz he again tries to paint anyone fighting the ban as tobacco front groups. In particular the group Forces. As far as I know forces has never collected a dime from the tobacco companies and even the tobacco control funded SourceWatch can’t prove any linkage. What really seems to bother Comrade Glantz is the references linking Tobacco control to Socialism and Nazism. Well all I can say Comrade Glantz is if the Jackboot fits slip it on.

This from his latest article “Nicotine Nazis strike again”: a brief analysis of the use of Nazi rhetoric in attacking tobacco control advocacy


FORCES, a smokers’ rights organisation, uses similar strategies, as their tactics include “constantly linking anti-tobacco activists either to fascism/Nazism/communism or to some sort of criminal conspiracy against smokers and those people sympathetic towards FORCES’ causes”.75 (Unlike earlier “smokers’ rights” groups where information in tobacco industry documents demonstrates often undisclosed funding and management by the tobacco industry, the documents are silent on FORCES

* Historically accurate or not, the tobacco industry has drawn connections between tobacco control and authoritarianism, evoking the rhetoric and symbolism of Nazi Germany. The tobacco industry has used and promoted Nazi and health fascism rhetoric in the United States and United Kingdom and around the world for decades and successfully penetrated the popular media, including sources with no identifiable ties to the tobacco industry. Identification and monitoring of the use of extremist imagery and rhetoric are crucial to counter this strategy.

A question for Mr Glantz, What forms of Government take control of private property away from the owner, declares it public use and ban the use of a legal product?

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