Terror Cells in Wisconsin

As I have pointed out in the past. The ban activist couldn’t get a nationwide ban going, The Federal Government has the resources to question the science. Then the push was for state laws, still no go. Then they concentrated on the local level in an effort to force state laws by saying that a grass roots effort in the communities show that the ban is wanted. Make no mistake there is nothing grass roots about it. From Beaver Dam;

Although a smoking ban has not been brought up during city meetings, Alder-person Mark Born made it clear that there has been a behind-the-scenes movement supporting a ban taken up by some alderpersons and local, state and federal lobbyists.
Those supporting a smoking ban have held their own public meetings, although they were not posted at city hall the way Tuesday night’s meeting was, and alderpersons have met with lobbyists from several organizations, including the American Cancer Society and county tobacco-free coalitions.

The bottom line is do we want professional lobbyist dictating how we live or should we send them packing? Make no mistake, these bans scattered through out the State are not grass roots efforts showing the will of the people. They are concerted efforts of activist and lobbyist from outside the area and in many cases outside the state! I want to thank PicassoIII from topix for showing me this one I almost missed it.

I challange anyone who comes in contact with any of these lobbyist ask them two questions.

1) Why did ASH drop their lawsuit against OSHA?

2) If the science is so clear, why hasn’t there been a successful lawsuit against the tobacco companies for Second hand smoke exposure?

Don’t expect an answer!

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