A shot in the arm from the State of Virtue, Liberty and Independence

An angry anti but a shot in the arm for freedom of choice. The PA smoking ban stops the terror cells of tobacco control from infiltrating towns and cities and creating laws stronger then the state law.

Another major setback for a comprehensive smoking ban and the people of Pennsylvania at the hands of Rep. Ron Miller. Miller and his cronies on the committee pulled a fast one by placing a provision in the act that would prohibit local jurisdictions from making the bill more stringent than their weak proposal. Once again they have demonstrated their lack of support for the comprehensive bill that would ban smoking in all restaurants, bars and casinos in Pennsylvania. I have been in contact with Rep. Miller several times on this issue, and his attitude is that overweight Pennsylvanians cause a greater health risk than smoking.

He authored a previous compromise that would ban smoking in most workplaces and then placed the phrase “except in adult establishments” where the proprietor of an adult-only establishment who permits smoking on the premises shall post a notice on the exterior of each entrance to the establishment. When I questioned Rep. Miller about this, I was greeted by a very curt e-mail that said if we don’t compromise there will be no ban.

Chalk one up for the good guys!



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