Wake up call for Wisconsin Legislators

I have shown in previous a previous article that smokers are not a burden on the medical system and the increased tax on the cigarettes are not justified. Increasing the tax on cigarettes to fund the lobbyist against us is not what I would call representation, would you? It seems to me the revolution that founded this country started over repressive taxes like this. Do you think that it will really put money in the coffers? Think again! Black market cigarettes are running rampant in New York,California and Canada where the taxes got too repressive.

Vandendriessche said about 40 per cent of the cigarettes now being consumed in Ontario are sold through the black market and much of it is coming in from United States through Indian reserves in the Cornwall area.

“The ramifications of contraband tobacco, a business more vicious than ever before, are taking a toll on government coffers and on farmers,” she said.

And of course the Democrats are the Majority party in Wisconsin, doesn’t that party claim to look out for the poor? And since studies show poor people are more likely to smoke how are they helping them? It is time for smokers to unite and vote these politicians out in this falls election!

About Marshall Keith

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