Death by smoking ban

The anti-smoker activist claim thousands of deaths caused by second hand smoke but as yet have not produced any bodies. On the other hand the bodies of the deaths by smoking ban continue to mount, and I am not talking about the DUI deaths that Jeni brought up.

BERLIN – A GERMAN barkeeper who hanged himself left behind a suicide note blaming a new public smoking ban for his decision, Bild newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Uli Stegmaier, 60, saw takings at his pub in the southern town of Balingen fall by 20 per cent following the implementation of the smoking ban in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg in August 2007, the paper said.

His brother in law, Helmut Rathmann, told Bild: ‘His suicide note dealt exclusively with his bitterness about the smoking ban.

This is just one of many, the pile just keeps getting higher.

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