Fight Back Against Government Intrusion

Topic: Smoking Bans
Fight Back Against Government Intrusion
This is a letter to editor I wrote in response to smoking ban legislation in Iowa. It received positive comments so I am publishing it BattleStations
Monday, June 9, 2008

What happened to the American society that I learned about in history class? I always thought that the United States was the bastion of freedom and liberty. I remember learning that the key to a free and prosperous society is dependent in part on private property rights and that the purpose of government was to protect those rights.

Nowadays the government is no longer in the business of defending individual property rights. The smoking ban is a classic example. The politicians and their followers refer to private business operations as if they own the property themselves. Today’s politicians literally have no respect for the risk and sacrifice individuals make to operate businesses. Politicians continue to create numerous laws that restrict and regulate the fruit and labor of its citizens. This continuous government intrusion into private property rights is eroding the core principles of our fast declining free society.

The American Revolutionaries of the 18th century fought with their lives to protect and defend their property from an over intrusive government. Today, it seems, Americans are more inclined to sit back and allow the government to trample over their rights. Are there not any true patriots that are willing to stand up and fight back against big government intrusiveness? If we don’t assume that responsibility, we can be sure that government will continue to expand and take control of our property and what remains of our free society.


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One Response to Fight Back Against Government Intrusion

  1. Will says:

    What can be done. They have made us afraid. I have seen what they can do. It’s a lot deeper the a smoking ban. It is every part of are lives. We have let them do this. People have gotten used to the power the government has. Too many people don’t care because it don’t seem to affect them.

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