Know the enemy part 2

. Banzhaf is just one of many activist involved. These groups knew that they could not push for a national ban. The Congressional Research Service published a report on the studies November 14, 1995 and they found the Studies severely lacking. And chastised the EPA for their methods. So these activist Mostly based out of California decided to take a more terroristic approach. They would set up little sleeper cells in towns across the state and shoot for local ordinances. (Knowing full well that small communities didn’t have the resources to question the science.) Once they had enough control of towns and cities then and only then would they push for a statewide ban.

Find these accusations incredible??
Right from the Surgeon Generals Report page 579

A model approach then emerged, first in California
and subsequently in other states (Glantz 1987). The state tobacco control movement organized local coalitions of public health practitioners and advocates who engaged in an intensive process of public education and community mobilization. Most of these efforts were in place before launching a public
campaign supporting a particular ordinance. The local coalitions assessed attitudes of the public and
policymakers and often initiated a campaign when public support for the proposed ordinance was evident.
On the other hand, ordinances were also introduced with less readiness to push tobacco control, as a process for change and as an educational approach. The ordinance itself was drafted to conform to the level of public readiness, with provisions only as strong as the public was willing to support. Similarly, the local coalitions did not bring an ordinance before a local governmental body until there was clear support from a majority of the policymakers. The vigorous debate that typically occurred after an ordinance was officially introduced provided substantial opportunities for health advocates to generate unpaid media coverage, further contributing to public education and public support. It Gets better . . .more to come.
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