The Rest of the Story

The Rest of the Story

The anti-smoking movement really is going too far. This story confirms that my sentiment about the increasingly fanatical agenda of anti-smoking groups – which I have expressed in the pages of the Rest of the Story over the past months – was not exaggerated or overblown. Action on Smoking and Health appears to actually believe that the government should intervene in the private home and should prohibit parents from smoking in their own homes if children are present.

It also appears that ASH is supportive of banning all public smoking, regardless of whether or not there is substantial secondhand smoke exposure which would pose a significant public health risk. Like public nudity or public drinking, public smoking should also be banned. Not because it represents a serious health threat in all cases, but because – apparently – it is, like public nudity and public drinking, a violation of public morals and public decency. FOR THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.


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