Outdoor smoking bans, get serious

Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN

Olmsted County commissioners are not flinching at plans to publicize and enforce a smoking ban at the Olmsted County Fair in Rochester.

This is the first year in which the entire fairgrounds will be off-limits to smoking. The county’s Smoke-free Workplace ordinance took effect on Oct. 1 last year, after last year’s fair.

The local law prohibits smoking in parks and other recreation areas when they’re being used by children. The fairgrounds is at Graham Park in south Rochester. The fair board leases the park for the fair and will comply with the ordinance and enforce the ban, fair board president Pat Hurley said.

The following chart puts it into perspective.

For more information: http://burningissues.org/car-www/medical_effects/comp-emmis-part-sources.htm

Yup its for the kids, never mind the diesel generators,trucks and buses . . . and totally forget about the unhealthy junk food. Can you say Hypocrite?


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13 Responses to Outdoor smoking bans, get serious

  1. Excellent chart. If you do some figuring from it you’ll find that that nice fresh smelling fireplace that you gather the kiddies around at Christmas is putting out the FPM of roughly 5,000 cigarettes. Of course most of that goes up the chimney … just to settle down and come back into the house through the windows and air ducts and cracks. But meanwhile the antismoking lobby has begun screaming that parents who even smoke outdoors are poisoning their kids as microscopic amounts of smoke come back in with them when they open the doors or have the temerity to breathe.

    As I said: excellent graph. Too bad most people will never understand what it says.

    Michael J. McFadden
    Author of “Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains”

  2. Project Openletter says:

    Effing insane. Honestly, it’s outside.

  3. rambleicious says:

    Given how unhealthy other forms of smoke are, I wonder if it’s being banned on the basis of smell and necessity.

    Diesel trucks? Necessary to haul goods. Fireplaces? Pretty and the smoke smells nice.

    I’ll be the first to admit I hate the smell of cigarettes, and I could see banning them where food is being served, but with all the junk food and other equally bad or worse stuff that is being offered freely at the fairground – this ban seems silly.

  4. Well, seeing as how cigarettes cause cancer and all that banning them everywhere would just seem sensible. The other big polluter issue with cigarettes besides the smoke are the stubs: in heavily tourist spots like Honolulu, along the sidewalk curbs of Waikiki are “tons” of cigarette stubs…nasty, polluting gobs of chemical-laden detritus. Enough already.

  5. veritasvincitprolibertate says:

    Well linda obviously you did not look at the graph, I suggest that you look closely at it and start thinking, Then start looking at the actual studies, not the press releases but the studies. . . you will find that the proof just isn’t there. Then look at the economic impact that it has had on tourism. Is it worth it for a lie based on Junk Science.

  6. salobrena says:

    I think they should definitely stop having soft wood fires on diesel buses…that’s for sure.

  7. leftoverkumquats says:

    It’s hard for me to be objective about the situation since I have bad lungs (so i hate cigarette smoke) and I am not a smoker so I am not adversely affected by the bans. However, the ban seems to claim city authority over all the air in Rochester. I think it would be better to designate a smoking area like the used to have at places like Disneyland. At least then it gives smokers their wish.

  8. Ed says:

    here in Lawrence, KS, they banned smoking in public places indoor. Suddenly every bar in town put up a few boards and had a ‘outdoor smoking lounge’… Although there are some naysayers, at least they have the outdoor smoking lounges. Banning outdoor smoking is going to far, and this is coming from someone who supports indoor bans.

  9. john says:

    Listen and listen good, these bans were never about health. That story about health has been used for well over 100 years. The last time prohibition came down was 1919. The last forty years prior 1919 saw the same lambasted health studies back then on alchohol and tobacco. There is nothing new here going on except the date is changed and the nannies promoting it. The cause is still in effect of the prohibitionists arm. People will always have a certain amount of the ”I WANT TO CONTROL YOU” attitude.
    We here in america have become seduced by the constant barrage of daily doses of health study propaganda just like it was dished out in the 40 years running up to 1919…..Our great granparents were seduced by the propaganda artists back then either thru church meetings on sunday morning or thru the newspaper in the evening. Its just today we get it 24-7 from cable networks and newspapers and internet…..It takes the strongest of will of mind and body to OVERCOME such seducing propaganda……They have created a mindset in the public perception that tobacco is evil and peopel using it are the scum of the earth…….the liberal progressives are the ones who are behind the bans and the psudo-science that pushes it…..the craddle to grave crowd.They are also responsible for the global warming hoax being shoved down every memeber of societies throats……..If you dont pull the string to their nanny mentality your bad motuthed and astrocized as a nay sayer a non-believer……..well I am here to tell you keeping your mind in a world full of propaganda day in and day out has its effects on the population…….we can call it politically correct hatred towards smokers, people of obesity or just being poor….Trust me when I tell you this crowd of antis is the worse lot of folks to come along in a hundred years.there worse that the VICTORIANS…….the hatred these people hold for a smoker is DEATH……….they dont care about law or rights or freedom when it comes to their AGENDA……..nobody is safe from their hatred………Anyway the outdoor bans and everything else from global warming to second hand smoke are all made-up moral dilemmas to scare people into voting for these fools…….remember in the public perception it takes only 6 weeks of drilled propaganda to make a lie the truth and these folks have had 40 years to do it. The last time this group used 40 years to brainwash society we got a constitutional amendment that started prohibition and it wasnt just alchohol, it was tobacco being prohibitied too……..14 states outlawed or prohibitied tobacco use during the volstead act…..prohibition.

  10. Allan M. says:

    Though what Olmsted County did here disgusts me, part of me isn’t surprised the smoke-haters are targeting banning smoking during this fair, considering an increasing number of colleges are passing disgusting and obnoxious outdoor bans throughout their outdoor campuses, such as what University of North Dakota, Minnesota State University-Moorhead, University of Arkansas(starting today), and what all Iowa public and private colleges are required to do under Iowa’s smoking ban that takes effect today(this IA ban is probably one of the more disgusting state bans that’ve ever passed too, considering its requirement that ALL Iowa public and private colleges are required to ban smoking on 100% of their outdoor campuses). Ditto with all the California communities, and increasingly non-California communities that’ve chosen to unnecessarily ban smoking on beaches.

    What I noted about increasing outdoor college campus bans and beach bans aside, I still think this ban is absolutely ridiculous, and heavily ignored by fairgoers. Sadly, I suspect most Olmsted County fairgoers will probably be gutless as usual, and blindly abide by this unnecessary ban.

  11. To the poster who complained about the butts on sidewalks in Waikiki, there is never an excuse for littering. However the simplest way to solve this problem is to rescind the ban and allow privately owned bars and restaurants to ban smoking if they wish and allow it if they wish.

    Smokers and their friends will go to the smoking allowed venues, sit down, eat, drink, smoke, and dispose of their butts in the fire-safety devices (ashtrays) provided to them. End of litter problem.

    Michael J. McFadden
    Author of “Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains”

  12. John Cocktosin says:

    I’m sorry smokers, but smoke at home. Explain to me and other smokers how you have the right to emit smoke into the air in a public place. What if I took a nasty smoke bomb and lit it off at a fair, in a park, or a crowded sidewalk. I’d probably get arrested. Well, maybe, like smokers, I enjoy that smell! So why can’t I light off smoke bombs?

    Do you see what I mean. Your argument is ridiculous. Nobody has the right to be doing that sort of thing in public. Keep your smoke at home or on your private property.

    Just so you know, I am TOTALLY against any special taxes on smoking or smoking products – or any legal product or service. If it’s a legal product, then the government has NO BUSINESS penalizing people for doing what they want to do in their own homes or in their lives. But, like I said, you must be courteous and recognize that you also do not have the right to impose your smoking on everyone around you. Come on, it’s just common sense.

  13. Marshall says:

    John Cocktosin

    You really have to lay of the anti-smoking Kool-aid. Smoke bombs? Please! Do you see smoke bombs on the chart, Since smoke bombs are used for crowd control the quantity of smoke would be off the chart. Common sence seems to evade anti-smokers such as yourself. This was about a ban at a fairgrounds, have you ever noticed all of the diesel generators running the rides. Again this is not about public health, it is about people such as yourself being offended and think that you have a right to dictate to others. Before you even try it we have already heard about people peeing in the shallow end of your gene pool so you can skip that analogy too. You like your comrade friends fail to make the distinction between public and private property. You think that just because you are there that that makes it public property and you ignore the fact that the bans effect mostly private property. Being courteous is a two way street. You simply can avoid businesses and events that cater to smokers, instead you demand that all businesses and events cater to you, where is the courtesy on your part. Perhaps you should practice what you preach!

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