Banthebanwisconsin gets international tobacco control attention

Operation Mollycoddle aims to ban the ban

The Ban the Ban Wisconsin website ( is produced by a smoker and a non-smoker strongly against the proposed ban on smoking on privately-owned property, such as bars and clubs, in the US state of Wisconsin.

Ryan Evans’ and Joey Monson’s goal is to advocate for the individual’s right to choose based on facts and the truth, without government interference, oppressive legislation or special interest pressure.

They say the Wisconsin smoking ban is “based on questionable public health claims that are being perpetuated by special interest groups with the explicit goal of the complete abolition of smoking.”

People opposed to the ban can download a petition to sign and send off to Governor Jim Doyle and the Wisconsin State Legislature to support the claim that the smoking ban is a gross abuse of power and a violation of freedom.

The site has an economic impacts (of the ban on taverns) page, a “myths and facts” page about smoking and cessation; a studies page designed to destroy what they call the “great Public Health fallacy”, a page about the right of people not to be told they can’t smoke and links to sites by likeminded groups.

Visitors are urged not to donate to the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association or “any other organisation with ties to the smoking cessation movement.” They are, according to the website’s authors, just “big money organisations” and not dedicated enough, to curing cancer.

You can also contact Banthebanwisconsin, although no phone number is given “due to the combative and abuse (sic) nature of many of the anti-smoking proponents.”

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