Michael Crichton on the Unproven Dangers of Secondhand Smoke


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6 Responses to Michael Crichton on the Unproven Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

  1. Grant says:

    Shows how nearly anyone can be bought off by the tobacco pushers, who are guilty of murder and genocide of the human race and should be executed. I’m glad he’s gone, the lying bsatard. Good riddance to him.

  2. Marshall says:

    Such anger Grant,

    If you are going to call him a liar why don’t you produce some proof!

  3. Anon says:

    Get a look any study that wasn’t sponsored by the tabacco industry, moron. The proof is all over fucking place!

    • alan says:

      Why are studies sponsored by anyone else to be preferred? It is the content and methodology of the study that should matter, not who sponsors it. This is a reference by someone who doesn’t know what a scientific response requires–but does know how to rant.

  4. Marshall says:

    @ Anon Ah weak statistical association has never been considered proof of anything.


    I also suggest you clean up your foul mouth or I will block your posts. I know you are an angry little troll and that is your problem. Keep your foul mouth to yourself.

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